Since 2014, the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce has been purchasing a child’s swine project from the local Ripley County Fair auction. We then donate the meat to a local non profit. This year we were very excited to donate to the YES Home Inc. Please read their short bio below to learn more on how they serve our local communities.

The YES Home opened in 1981 as a safe place for youth who had no place to go when families disrupted. It has long been a place for those who have been abandoned, abused and neglected. We serve youth ages 12-20. The YES Home serves youth across the state of Indiana, with priority give to youth in Southeastern Indiana. Most of our youth come from Ripley and Dearborn counties. Our desire is to help families repair, and when that isn’t possible, to help youth prepare for either foster care or for independence, depending on their age. We provide both emergency shelter care and long term residential care. Youth who attend school in Ripley, Dearborn and Ohio Counties are able to remain in their home schools. We believe in creating relationships within our community and collaborate with other agencies and partners as youth volunteer or work. Our goal is to provide a family type atmosphere while youth learn to successfully deal with the trauma that brought them to the YES Home in the first place. We see potential in all of the youth who are placed with us, and our goal is to help them see that potential as well.