Please help us welcome our second new member of the day to the Chamber, Cris Fritsch with Codcake Creative!

Cris is a designer and illustrator and is the owner of Codcake Creative. Originally from Brazil, she graduated from the University of North Florida and currently lives in Indiana, where she works remotely with clients and brands around the world. She has 10 years of experience working directly with small startups and established large organizations.

Cris either works embedded within a team as a freelance designer, helping establish and scale a brand, or as a one-person studio, developing design projects for clients.

She is always interested to hear of new opportunities and collaborations, whether it be creating a website for your business or creating a new logo. Please reach out to her today visiting her website at Codcake Creative. She is looking forward to hearing from you!

Welcome Cris and Codcake Creative to the Ripley County Chamber!